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FilFi: A DeFi Protocol to Promote Filecoin Asset Liquidity


FilFi is a DeFi protocol dedicated to enhancing the liquidity of Filecoin assets, providing users with basic services such as joint nodes, liquidity pledges, and computing power transactions. Our goal is to create a permissionless liquidity market for the Filecoin community to achieve fully decentralized DeFi, reduce trust costs, promote asset liquidity, and thereby accelerate the construction of the Filecoin network.

Building a Filecoin storage node is a complex process. On the one hand, it involves resources such as software, hardware, IDC, DC data, and requires professional technical services. On the other hand, building a storage node requires a large amount of FIL pledges, and there is generally a lack of sufficient FIL for sector encapsulation in the market. FIL holders, hardware investors, and technical service providers need to cooperate to release the maximum productivity. However, before the emergence of smart contracts (FEVM/FVM), due to the lack of a reliable trust mechanism, the scope of cooperation was small, the factors of production were scattered, and the synergistic effect of the entire community could not be exerted. Therefore, it is particularly important to reduce the risk of FIL in circulation and increase the transparency of the entire process.

Joint Node Services

The "Joint Node Service" of the FilFi protocol is the first storage node joint construction plan in the Filecoin community that is 100% managed by smart contracts (FEVM/FVM). It provides core value from the following three aspects:

  1. Before construction: Allow builders to participate widely and solve the problem of pledge shortage through "collective pledge"(AKA Fundrasing Plan).
  2. During construction: Smart contracts track the flow of FIL, enhancing the transparency of the construction process.
  3. After construction: Automatically distribute Filecoin network incentives, eliminating human factors in performance.

Design Goals of Joint Node Services

  • 100% smart contract management: Fundraising period, encapsulation progress, distribution of profits, smart contracts take over everything, firmly perform, immutable, no human factors.

  • Extreme transparency throughout the process: 100% of pledges enter smart contracts, you can view the construction details of each FIL, you can check the distribution record of each profit, and eliminate all black box operations.

  • Respect for time value: If the fundraising is unsuccessful, the full amount of the pledge will be returned, and the value of the detention time will be compensated.

  • Completely free for FIL holders: FilFi will not charge fees to FIL holders, nor will it share the profits of FIL holders.

  • Deposit system urges service providers to do their duty: The innovative "subordinated pledge" system ensures that the interests of technical service providers are bound to the full cycle of the storage node.

  • Decentralized governance: FilFi is governed by the DAO community, built and shared in a decentralized manner, and key parameters of the economic model are determined by voting mechanism.

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